Vision Care Direct

With Vision Care Direct we provide a Simple. Flexible. Affordable. vision plan that allows you to have a low overall spend for your plan.  You won’t get the “sticker shock” when you’re buying your glasses.  Our Vision Plan helps cut that out!

For a quote within minutes fill out this form: https://employers.visioncaredirect.com/rfp/

You’ll finally have the freedom to use your materials allowance the way you want without all the surprise out of pocket expenses. With VCD PLUS, you’ll have access to high definition (single vision, bifocal, trifocal or premium progressive) lenses, premium anti-reflection coating, scratch resistant coating and UV protection all for one low price!

Membership contributions for Vision Care Direct can be paid on a pre-tax basis, saving money for your employees and the company.

Vision Care Direct offers more choices than any other vision plan because we understand your employees have different needs.

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