TruBridge is in the business of helping hospitals of all sizes get paid faster and get paid more through a combination of people, products and process optimization.

Our range of scalable solutions will help you to precisely meet your healthcare organization’s specific needs. With our arsenal of RCM offerings, including HFMA Peer Reviewed® products and services, TruBridge has made it our mission to help hospitals, physician clinics and skilled nursing organizations become more efficient at serving their communities for years.

Along the way we’ve built a reputation as a business leader and trusted partner that consistently gets results. On average, customers experience a 24-percent decrease in A/R days, 37-percent increase in net cash collections, 97-percent first-pass clean claim rate, and 13-percent increase in cash.

Those numbers may be impressive, but what means the most are the client relationships we’ve fostered during the 30 years of improving the health and wellbeing of healthcare organizations of all sizes. Visit www.trubridge.com for more information.

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