Evident helps community hospitals and clinics improve their financial wellbeing so they’re, in turn, able to continue providing the highest quality care to their communities. A member of the CPSI family of companies, our solutions are designed through the eyes of the user. Current and future development
and product delivery efforts focus on streamlining clinical workflows, giving providers and other clinicians the tools needed to gain efficiencies necessary to focus on what’s important — quality healthcare in every care setting and patient interaction.

Complementary offerings, including comprehensive patient engagement tools, proactively put patients at the center of care, which helps keep healthy people healthy and prevents the sick from getting sicker. We also recognize that our clients’ employees are the most valuable tool. By offering a complete recruitment, retention and retirement solution, our clients are well positioned to find and keep the workforce needed to ensure the quality of care and breadth of services their communities deserve.

To learn more about how Evident can help you achieve future success and the ongoing transition to value-based care and reimbursement, visit evident.com.

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