APS Staffing

We provide Proven Solutions for Cost-Effective Care - Powered and Partnered by Qualivis.

For your healthcare organization’s diverse staffing needs, you can count on the APS Staffing Program. Powered and Partnered by Qualivis, the APS Staffing Program is a stand-alone service available to any healthcare organization in Kansas or Missouri regardless of their group purchasing affiliation. The APS Staffing Program is endorsed by the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA).

Our program takes the time and hassles out of the hiring process. Through the convenience of one contract, your organization has access to dozens of highly-professional and qualified staffing firms. Our experienced team works closely with our contracted staffing partners to help provide you the best possible solution, whether you need to fill Interim Staffing, Clinical, Non-Clinical, Locum Tenens, and MSP.

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